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Trusting The Process

Trusting the Process

When I was younger I just could not resist peeling back the petals on the buds of the dark red peonies that grew in the garden. I just wanted to see them bloom so very much. I loved them sooo much, and I could not wait for them to open. To me they were so full of beauty and potential that I just wanted to experience. But, of course, despite my wishes, and delicate fingers, the buds would not open with my ‘help’. In fact it had the opposite affect and the buds would then never open. Of course, I wasn’t ‘helping’ but forcing. Had I have waited, I would have been witness to the slow unfolding, and different stages of the flowers beauty.

I was reminded of this memory the other day when reading something Marion Woodman wrote about change. She writes about how, as we grow and become more aware, we both desire and resist change. We tend to either want to hurry it along, peeling back the petals before they are ready, or we hold back, never opening the petals.

This either, wanting to hurry change along, or resistance to change often presents itself in therapy. It can be a real challenge to stay with, and honour, the unfolding of your awareness. But if we can, the rewards maybe worth it, as we get to see and feel all of ourselves, like the slow unfolding of petals.